Zikra Infotech?

Zikra Infotech was founded in the year 2017, we specialize in Digital Marketing, Web Design, Training & Consulting. Ours is a company with a sample amount of flexibility. We never let you pay more than you need, or give less attention than you deserve


We are a team of IT professionals who have worked at various levels of the industry. While our job descriptions vary, we all share a common goal - provide unmatched innovation and service to our customers. We work with people/businesses all over the world.


Our philosophy being "complete customer satisfaction" which makes us a people-oriented company, wherein we work person-to-person and not business-to-business. We are focused on making things look beautiful with global standards being met.


As an IT company, we run on three basic principles i.e. quality work, best price and in time delivery. We learn your business idea and objectives. We discuss, plan and deliver customized solutions to enable you to get maximum benefit in a competitive market. We strive to achieve the best for you. Our services will help you to grow your business faster than ever before.

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Contact us: help@zikrainfotech.com

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